Scenic offers many many options to plan your tours: (1) Select a location and be navigate there along curvy roads. (2) Create a route by dropping up to 200 via points. (3) Import routes through many ways and many sources. E.g. Furkot, RouteYou and online routeplanners, Drag and drop GPS Files (GPX, KML, KMZ, GDB, ITN) and Google (My) Maps URLs.
Scenic can make nearly every imported route navigable, even if it has thousands of points.
If you don't feel like creating or importing your own routes, you can choose from the many thousands of routes shared, rated and reviewed by fellow Scenic users.



The navigation screen has been especially designed for use on the motorcycle, with large fonts, a clear route line and a screen layout that enables you to see next turns in a quick glance. And of course Scenic also gives voice instructions (in 21 languages). Next to that Scenic has special features to guide you to the start point of a route and skip via points if you take a (deliberate or accidental) detour.



Scenic's tracking feature allows you to save your touring adventures for ever. With every ride you take, wether you're navigating a route or not, your ride is tracked. Scenic records your speed, the roads you took and the pictures taken along the way. Every trip you ever took can be shared on social media, exported to GPX files and even turned into a navigable route so you can ride it again.

  • “This App works as well as, and in some ways better than the Garmin Zumo” - James Roberts
  • “It was such a great pleasure to use Scenic on my iPhone and iPad for planning and riding! It was MUCH more helpful compared to my old Garmin Zumo!” - Frank Steinberg
  • "Scenic not only shows insight in its design but also responsive support to both problems and feedback. It's nice to have expectations exceeded once in a while" - Clive Newport
  • "I think with Scenic you have a great app on your hands; One that I’ve personally been searching for now the last 10 years." - Arthur S.